Our Story

You are our inspiration.

Science met style… and Cali-Curl was born.


With a start to finish time of 75 minutes or less, Cali-Curl is easy to learn, the service is time effective for both you and your client and is great for new and existing guests.

Salon Friendly

This innovative service for in-demand waves, means excitement for your salon, increased bookings and happy, loyal clients. A real win-win!


Patented, bond repair and protective solutions leave your​ client’s hair stronger, healthier and more nourished; even on highly-processed hair

Beach Wave Results

Cali-Curl delivers long-lasting, low maintenance, natural​ waves and endless styling possibilities. Let your creativity run wild.

A Message From Our Founder To Stylists

Kevin Hoye

Our family & our Cali-Curl family is so excited to bring you Cali-Curl!  We designed everything from the service, to the packaging, to the hair care line with your success  as our number one focus. Our dream has been to see each one of you be successful with Cali-Curl and to see your clients finally have the Beach Waves of their DREAMS!

We have put our passion, sweat and tears into Cali-Curl striving to perfect our formulas, the service and our message.  It is very personal to us and we hope you love it too! o! “

-Kevin and  Callie


A Wave of Change...

Led to a Wave of Opportunity

Amazing things happen in the salon world when you combine innovation with​ intuition, technology with talent, and drive with determination. Just ask Cali-Curl​ founder, Kevin Hoye.

The Cali-Curl Mission

Stay ahead of
the curve

There are no boundaries when innovation is your perspective.

Create potential for stylists and clients

If it doesn’t make life better or easier, we won’t be making it.

Think differently to
create differently

We believe that the wave of change is where we find our true direction.

Stay inspired

Making waves doesn’t come without making connections. Our community keeps us inspired.

A wave of opportunity starts here.