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Cali-Curl FAQs

Q:What is different about the Cali-Curl Service?

A: What makes the Cali-Curl service so unique is that it is a 45-75-minute professional salon service treatment that creates a look that lasts 3-6 months and utilizes never before seen tools, never before seen results. This innovative combination of liquids can be used on most hair types from color processed to highly resistant to achieve healthy, long-lasting waves with one single formula. Also, thanks to revolutionary patent pending technology, the Cali-Curl Beach Wave service has no unpleasant odor, and the hair is shampooed and conditioned (after the service) during the service, something that is very unique compared to traditional texture services of the past.

Q: What are the benefits of a Cali-Curl Service?

A: The process is much faster than a typical texture service, results are long-lasting with no unpleasant odor and the increased shine is an added bonus! Style memory is also supported, with a foundation for all finishing techniques, including the natural air-dried beach wave the Cali-Curl service is known for. Additionally, client’s love their new wave pattern with grip and holding power, as well as how healthy and conditioned their hair remains after the service.

Q: How are the Cali-Curl Beach Wave Rings different from other waving tools?

A: The Cali-Curl service is created with the Cali-Curl Beach Wave System, Cali-Curl Rings (in sizes Small, Medium, Medium+ and Large) and Cali-Curl Foam Diffuser Rings. The patented ring design and the depth of the ring allows our liquid waving formulation to collect in the ring, as well as flow through to drain out. The corresponding Cali-Curl Foam Diffuser Rings ensure that the penetration of chemicals is consistent and keeps the hair stationary while within the Cali-Curl ring.

Q: Who is the ideal client for a Cali-Curl Service?

A: The Cali-Curl service is great for clients of all ages with healthy hair. The service can be done on hair that is lightened to up to a level 10. With bond reparative properties and deep conditioning elements, a Cali-Curl will leave the hair in optimum health. Clients who have straight hair, no volume or light natural texture will gain lots of wave, grip, volume and shine.

Q: What is the shortest hair length that can be successfully sectioned and twisted for a Cali-Curl Beach Wave

A: We have tested the system on layered hair as short as four inches with size small Cali-Curl Beach Wave Rings.

Q: Can I offer a Cali-Curl to clients with extra-long hair?

A: Yes! The Medium+ rings have more depth capacity to hold longer, thicker hair, and are best used on hair that’s 15-20” long. You may want more sections and rings to create a dramatic look. We recommend selecting 8-12 rings for higher density hair. Remember, exceptionally long hair is heavy, which can naturally loosen curl patterns.

Q: Is there a difference between size Medium and Medium+ Cali-Curl rings?

A: Size Medium+ and size Medium create the same wave pattern. Choose size Medium for hair that’s 10-15” long; choose size Medium for hair that’s 15-20” long. Size Medium+ has more depth capacity to hold longer, thicker hair.

Q:Can I give a Cali-Curl Beach Wave service to a client who is pregnant or are nursing?

A: Always advise your client to check with their physician prior to chemical services. The Cali-Curl Beach Wave service is an off-scalp service during which liquids do not touch the scalp. It must be performed according to the Cali-Curl Beach Wave instructions. The Cali-Curl Beach Wave service is for professional use only.

Q: Can a Cali-Curl Beach Wave be successful on hair previously relaxed with sodium hydroxide

A: No, the Cali-Curl Beach Wave service should not be done on relaxed hair.

Q: Can a Cali-Curl Beach Wave be given successfully to children?  

A: Cali-Curl is not recommended for clients under the age of 12.

Q: How many different strengths of Cali-Curl systems will I need to stock in my salon?

A: Great news!  The Cali-Curl Beach Wave System is a single formula that is time-based. Resistant hair requires a longer processing time and porous hair requires a shorter processing time. The Cali-Curl Beach Wave is single-use service for virtually any hair type.

Q: How many sizes of Cali-Curl Rings will I need to buy?

A: The Cali-Curl service is created with the Cali-Curl Beach Wave System, the patented Cali-Curl Rings and Cali-Curl Foam Diffuser Rings. Our testing found that four sizes – Small, Medium, Medium+ and Large – meet most  salon and clients’ needs. Color-coding makes them easy to find, and a stackable design saves space.

Q: How long does the average Cali-Curl Beach Wave Service take?

A: The Cali-Curl Beach Wave takes between 45 – 75 minutes, depending on processing time (LINK TO processing time chart) and hair type. The service time is short and is a great way to bring more clients to the salon. It utilizes never before seen tools, with never before seen results that last 3-6 months.

Q: How much time is best to book between oxidative color services and a Cali-Curl Beach Wave Service?

A: Booking color services two weeks before or after getting the Cali-Curl Beach Wave is sufficient.

Q: What is the recommended time frame between rebooking Cali-Curl Beach Wave Services?

A: The ideal time to refresh a Cali-Curl Beach Wave is after 3-6 months.

Q: Why is there no lingering odor to the hair after a Cali-Curl Beach Wave Service?

A: It’s all part of a patent-pending technology. You don’t need to worry about unpleasant odor when your client’s hair gets wet either. Clients appreciate that!

Q: Why is it important to create equal size sections before positioning the Cali-Curl Rings?

A: Density affects the curl pattern. Equal density = Equal curl pattern.

Q: What situations would require more than six Cali-Curl Rings?

A: Using size Medium+ and Large on long hair with normal to thick density, we recommend eight rings for a classic beach wave. If you use six rings, you will get a volumizing effect with a lot less wave, which some clients request.

Q: What if one of the Cali-Curl Rings does not close tightly and remain shut?

A: During normal use, if you can’t get the lid to stay closed then you most likely have too much hair per section for that size Cali-Curl Ring. We recommend upping the Cali-Curl Ring size in this situation. If that’s not an option for the look you want, then increase the number of sections and the number of Cali-Curl Rings used accordingly. Additionally, our tools are designed to last for at least two years of salon use. We know stylists know quality!

Q: If my client shampooed their hair at home that day, do I need to shampoo it again before the Cali-Curl Beach Wave Service?

A: Yes, you want to start with a clean palette and eliminate variables. Cali-Curl shampoos have been specifically formulated to work with and protect the hair during and after the Cali-Curl Beach Wave Service. Our shampoos also remove build-up from styling products, the environment and chemicals.

Q: Is the Cali-Curl Cleansing Shampoo stronger than a regular shampoo?

A: The Cali-Curl Cleansing Shampoo was specifically engineered to gently clean the hair of contaminants that cause variation within the service, while also preparing the cuticle just enough to not cause damage during the service. It is excellent for normal to resistant hair types. For those with porous hair, we recommend using the Cali-Curl Hydrating Shampoo before the treatment to cleanse the hair even more gently.  The Cali-Curl Cleansing Shampoo is not intended to be a daily-use consumer product.

Q: Can I use a different brand’s cleansing or clarifying shampoo?

A: We highly recommend against this. We get that everyone has their favorite shampoos. That said, some cleansing and clarifying shampoos are much too harsh before a Cali-Curl Beach Wave service and will absolutely affect the processing times. For that reason, we tried to appease everyone with a neutral scent to our hair care and prep products, as well as create formulas specific to the needs of our innovative technologies.

Q: What is the major benefit of the Cali-Curl Bond Generator? How long does the benefit last?

A: The Cali-Curl Bond Generator completes the repairs of the covalent bonds. It allows you to shampoo and condition immediately after the service, lock in moisturizing effects and lay the cuticle just right creating that brilliant shine. Healthy hair with brilliant shine is extended for the life of the Cali-Curl Beach Wave by using Cali-Curl Hair Care products, specifically weekly use of the Cali-Curl Bond Therapy Masque.

Q: What are covalent bonds? 

A: Covalent bonds (also called molecular bonds) are chemical bonds that are created when atoms share electrons. Cali-Curl products strengthen the structure of the hair by increasing these bonds while repairing them for long-lasting results.

Q: What is the maximum time the Cali-Curl Bond Generator can be left on the hair? Will it stop working after a certain amount of time? 

A: It is designed to have maximum effect when used for 10 minutes, It should not affect the hair negatively if left on longer.

Q: Should I wear protective gloves when applying Cali-Curl Bond Extender? 

A: If you prefer, but it is not mandatory. It certainly does not have a drying effect on the skin the way that shampoos can.

Q: What is the active ingredient in the Cali-Curl Beach Wave Activator and does it contain thioglycolate?

A: Years of R&D and market research showed that Thioglycolate, commonly known as Thio, is an ingredient that works the best, and is the foundation ingredient for our Beach Wave Activator. Thio has been used for years and has earned the most trust from stylists. That said, our patent pending formula is specifically engineered to reduce the odor significantly. This formula also preserves and increases strength and shine with our unique and patent pending bond generator and bond extender technology. Our technology is what reduces malodor during and after the service, makes it safe to use on color treated and lifted hair, and allows you to shampoo and condition immediately after the service. No other waving technology exists to give you this unprecedented level of benefits.

Q. Is the Cali-Curl Beach Wave thermally activated?

A. No. Do not put a client under the dryer during a Cali-Curl process. Do not use direct or indirect heat to accelerate the process. However, do move client’s away from cold drafts.

Q. What will happen if I forget to add the 1st packet of Cali-Curl Bond Generator into the Cali-Curl Beach Wave Activator?

A. Uh oh, this could affect your processing time and results, specifically on color treated or porous hair. Absolutely use the Bond Generator in the next step with the Neutralizer. That said, do NOT double up (add both packets of Bond Generator) to the locking lotion. Also, utilize the entire contents of the Activator when doing the service. To ensure full saturation and full protective attributes, do not split the contents of the bottles between two clients.

Q. What happens if I forget to add the 2nd packet of Cali-Curl Bond Generator to the Cali-Curl Beach Neutralizer?

A. Hopefully you didn’t forget the bond generator in the Beach Wave Activator. If you did, then you may have hair that could over-process too easily and have color shifts in the hair. Utilize the entire contents of the Neutralizer when doing the service. To ensure full saturation and full protective attributes, do not split the contents of the bottles between two clients. Absolutely don’t forget the Cali-Curl Bond Extender step at the end.

Q. Is it okay if the Cali-Curl Beach Wave Activator runs onto the non-twisted hair?

A. It is, and in some cases, you can get a wicking characteristic at the opening of the tool. Just make sure you apply the Neutralizer to those same areas as well. We always put a little Neutralizer on the hair at the opening of the case just for reassurance.

Q. How often should I perform process checks?

A. Follow our processing chart in the education section.  Depending on hair type, 2 mins before the average time, then the average time ranges in two-minute intervals, and every one minute after that.  

Q. Should I perform process checks in the same location, using the same Cali-Curl Ring?

A. Not necessarily! Feel free to check multiple Cali-Curl Rings for reassurance. Our team does this quite often on resistant hair types or longer processing times.  

Q. Will non-color treated hair look the same as color-treated hair when it is fully processed?

A. The beautiful thing about waves is the way the light bounces off the hair. The dramatic shapes and shadows create their own unique color effects. It will, however, universally make the hair look slightly lighter where the light hits first. 

Q. What is the best way to protect my client from getting wet when I rinse the Cali-Curl Rings, especially in the nape?

A. It’s recommended to use a plastic neck wrap covering the collar and nape of neck, but properly capped/wrapped clients will be less likely to get wet.

Q. What happens to the hair if I forget to towel blot one of the twists in the Cali-Curl Rings?

A. No worries, having the hair too wet is better than too dry during this part of the service. Don’t forget to open each Cali-Curl Ring, one at a time, position a towel on top of the Cali-Curl Foam Diffuser Ring and, using your fingertips, towel blot excess moisture gently by pressing down in the direction of the twist. Close the Cali-Curl Ring and move to the next ring. Repeat for all Cali-Curl Rings.

Q. Will the Cali-Curl Neutralizer lighten my client’s natural hair or color-treated hair?

A. Adding texture always creates a lighter effect due to how light bounces off the hair.  That light reflection is even more prevalent with our formulas. That said, we worked on our formulas to specifically deter lifting or lightening of color treated hair. 

Q. What will happen if I forget to set the timer and process the Cali-Curl Neutralizer in less time than the 6 minutes recommended?

A. Under-processing the Cali-Curl can result in looser waves and may take a few days to mature and fully oxidize. Continue with the process checks as indicated on the Beach Wave System instructions. 

Q. How long should the hair be rinsed to remove the Cali-Curl Beach Wave Neutralizer? 

A. Rinse for five seconds per ring to stop the action. Then, go back and thoroughly rinse for 45-60 seconds per ring.  

Q. Should the client lay back in the shampoo chair when you remove Cali-Curl Rings?

A. Yes, remove rings starting in the front then have the client hold their head up slightly for easy access to the back rings.

Q. Will I feel the difference in the hair when rinsing is complete?

A. If you can feel a difference in the hair, there is a problem because that means the hair is outside the ring. Never remove a ring until after the Neutralizer is done processing.  

Q. What do I do if a Cali-Curl Ring is removed or falls out before the neutralization process is complete?

A. Don’t panic! It’s going to be okay. In most cases the twist will stay together.  Simply open the case, remove the Foam Diffuser Ring, and gently place the hair back into the ring. Insert the Foam Diffuser Ring, close the case and proceed with the process. If the twist is removed or is no longer consistent after it is out of the case, you can gently touch the hair and manipulate the twist again. Then, place it back in the case. Everything should be done gently if this scenario occurs.

Q. If the Cali-Curl Beach Wave tools are left in the sink during the final steps of the Beach Wave service, is the shampoo runoff and rinsing sufficient to clean the tools?

A. Follow your local regulations. However, Cali-Curl Rings and Foam Diffuser Rings are designed to be cleaned and air dried with the standard salon routines. We recommend towel drying or air drying the tools, and air drying the Foam Diffuser Rings so they are ready for you to reuse them.  

Q. How many times can Cali-Curl Foam Diffuser Rings be used before replacing?

A.  The foam diffuser rings should last 3-5 services or more (if taken care of) before they start to lose their shape.

Q. How many times can Cali-Curl Rings be used before replacing?

A. The Cali-Curl Rings were engineered using load testing to last at least two years in the salon environment. If well taken care of, even longer. At Cali-Curl, we know stylists want quality in the tools they use. 

Q.   Won’t shampooing and conditioning the hair during the service relax the newly formed Cali-Curl Beach Waves?

A.  Our testing and engineering of these formulas says no, it will not. The entire Cali-Curl Beach Wave System is designed to work together to strengthen the newly formed waves.  

Q What can I do to avoid disturbing the twists when I shampoo or condition the hair?

A. Gently squeeze the shampoo though the hair, rinse and repeat with the conditioner. Be incredibly careful not to run your fingers through the hair, which can be a natural inclination.

Q. Does my client have to use the Cali-Curl Hair Care after the Beach Wave Service?

A. To extend the life and the health of the entire Cali-Curl service, we recommend using the Cali-Curl Hair Care products. Without, hair may lose its shine and health. Our products were designed with functional amounts of bond therapeutics. When the Cali-Curl Bond Generator is used during the process, it affects the health of the hair in a positive way. When you use the Cali-Curl Bond Therapy Masque weekly, you will mitigate the bonds stretching. By using the weekly Bond Therapy Masque, the hair will continue to feel even more plump, shiny and well-conditioned.

Q. What finishing techniques, other than scrunching, are recommended on the day of the service?

A. Air drying gives the absolute best beach wave results. However, for some salons, clients and climates, that is not feasible. After the completed service, lightly spray Cali-Curl Bond Therapy Mist, then add a small amount of Cali-Curl Anti-Flyaway Spray. After the product has been added into the hair, diffuse with a blow dryer on low. You may need just a little more Anti-Flyaway after using the blow dryer to define waves. 

Q. Can Cali-Curl Hair Care finishing products be used on the same day as the Cali-Curl Beach Wave service?

A. Absolutely! We love air dried beach waves on “day one,” but we know certain salons, clients, and climates don’t allow for air drying at the salon. For those instances, use the Cali-Curl hair care line.

Q. Can I use more than one Cali-Curl Hair Care finishing product at a time?

A. Yes! All styling products within the Cali-Curl Hair Care line are designed to be lightweight to layer on top of one another. 

Q. How long should clients wait before blow drying with a round brush or using a flat iron at home?

A. A diffuser on low heat can be used at any time. If clients want to straighten their hair, we recommend two weeks after the Cali-Curl service. 

Q. Can I comb through the Beach Waves before styling on the first day?

A. Yes, but proceed with caution. We recommend using a wide tooth comb and gently combing through the hair, avoiding unnecessary tension. The wave pattern is still settling and will become stronger each day. We like to say it’s fully settled in after 1 week.  

Q. What type of product should be used to clean the Cali-Curl Rings and Cali-Curl Foam Diffuser Rings? 

A.  Cali-Curl Rings and Foam Diffuser Rings are designed to be cleaned and air dried with the standard salon routines. After washing, we recommend towel drying or air drying the Cali-Curl Rings and Foam Diffuser Rings so they are dry before the next service. We recommend you follow your state regulations and guidelines.

Q. How does longer hair feel after multiple Cali-Curl Beach Wave Services?

A. The hair feels healthy and strong after more than one Cali-Curl Beach Wave. The best way to keep hair feeling healthy, shiny, and soft is to use the Cali-Curl at-home products, especially taking advantage of the Cali-Curl Bond Therapy Masque each week. 

Q. How can my clients take care of their Cali-Curl Beach Weave at home? 

A.  The full Cali-Curl Hair Care line is explained below:


Cali-Curl Hydrating Shampoo – Apply to wet hair and gently massage thoroughly into a rich lather on the scalp and hair. Rinse clear. The creamy moisturizing shampoo leaves hair clean and fresh. Suitable for all hair types, especially for processed and textured hair.                       

Cali-Curl Protein Infused Conditioner – Massage into clean wet hair and distribute thoroughly to the ends. Leave on for 3-5 minutes then rinse thoroughly. With bond restorative properties, strengthens strands with protein and locks in moisture for healthy shine and texture. Suitable for all hair types.      

Cali-Curl Bond Therapy Mist – Daily-use sprayable bond repair primer that detangles, protects and strengthens. Use before any products. Shake well. Lift damp hair in sections, spray and scrunch in. Lightweight formula allows hair to dry faster and gives natural volume. Suitable for all hair types.         

Cali-Curl Bond Therapy Masque – Weekly at-home bond reparative deep conditioner. Apply to clean, damp hair and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Lightweight formula helps repair, strengthen and moisturize while adding visible shine. Suitable for all hair types.                       

Cali-Curl Anti-Flyaway Serum – Excellent for casting curls – no crunch, no flake results. Using a small amount of serum work into your hands. On towel dried hair apply evenly from ends to roots, then scrunch. On dry hair, rake from roots to ends. Do not pump serum directly onto hair. Defined beach waves pull together beautifully.


Q. Is Cali-Curl Hair Care free of harmful chemicals and allergens?  

A.  Yes!  Our products are not tested on animals and are free of parabens, sulfates (SLS & SLES), phthalates, formaldehyde, and formaldehyde releasing agents. Cali-Curl is North American and European compliant on our ingredients and our fragrances. 

Q. Can Cali-Curl Rings be recycled?

A. Absolutely! Cali-Curl Rings are made from polypropylene which is accepted as a widely recyclable material. While we use new material to engineer the rings, rings that don’t pass our standards or extra material from the process are recycled at the factory and used again to make future Cali-Curl Rings. 

Q. Is Cali-Curl toxin free and cruelty-free?

A. Yes! Cali-Curl is cruelty-free. It is not tested on animals, and it is free of parabens, sulfates (SLS & SLES), phthalates, formaldehyde and formaldehyde releasing agents. We are proud to share that Cali-Curl is North American and European compliant on our ingredients and our fragrances. Cali-Curl is also free of common allergens such as soy, nuts, and gluten.